Established in 2018 by Supreme Entertainment, Pop Up Party Tours has quickly become one of the leading producers of touring theme parties in the United States.

Pop Up Party Tours developed and produced the “Wizard Fest” tour, a Harry Potter-themed dance and costume party, as well as the upcoming Scrantonicity tour, a dance party inspired by the hit TV series “The Office.”

In addition, the Pop Up Party Tour team is currently developing several other nationally and internationally touring concepts.


Fans of all things magic, witches, sorcerers and the half blood prince will need to make a special trip to Alley for a fresh pair of dress robes because Wizard Fest is flying into town.

The evening will include trivia, drink specials, cosplay, wizard themed music, games and more. The best dressed will also have a chance to enter into the Costume Contest for cash and prizes.

There will be special Triwizard Tournaments throughout the night with rewards like free drinks & wizard themed swag!

Special themed drinks will be served all night long to keep the potions flowing.

Plus, there will be a grand prize sweepstakes trip for 2 to London. More details to be announced soon.


It’s time to revisit your friends in the Electric City! No need to book that flight, though, because we’re bringing Scranton to you! Scrantonicity is an Office-themed dance & costume party that guarantees to please.

Live DJ/MC & comedy, dancing, costume contests, trivia, bar games, photo booth, a specially curated cocktail menu, grand prizes…and maybe a Dundee or two!

So cancel your afterwork drinks at Poor Richard’s, head on down to the Steamtown Mall to pick out that outfit and we’ll see you in the conference room in 15 minutes!

Plus, there will be a grand prize sweepstakes trip for 2 to Los Angeles. More details to be announced soon.